Panel Walking Tour: Down-River, Inner Panels, from Downtown to North Side

Panel PNL00680

D-1. Panel PNL00680 by Andrea Smith

Panel PNL00614

D-2. Panel PNL00614 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00343

D-3. Panel PNL00343 by Corpus Christi Prayer Shawl Committee

Panel PNL00002

D-4. Panel PNL00002 by Maisie Roden

Panel PNL00417

D-5. Panel PNL00417 by Josephine Labriola

Panel PNL00269

D-6. Panel PNL00269 by Laura Tabakman

Panel PNL00456

D-7. Panel PNL00456 by Mars Fiber Knots

Panel PNL00425

D-8. Panel PNL00425 by Beverly Holtz

Panel PNL00281

D-9. Panel PNL00281 by Patty Lynch

Panel PNL00541

D-10. Panel PNL00541 by Pat Lee

Panel PNL00501

D-11. Panel PNL00501 by Regina Maloney

Panel PNL00448

D-12. Panel PNL00448 by Tobey Wolken

Panel PNL00279

D-13. Panel PNL00279 by Melissa Browning

Panel PNL00096

D-14. Panel PNL00096 by Desha Jaramaz

Panel PNL00337

D-15. Panel PNL00337 by Dorothy Mellon

Panel PNL00421

D-16. Panel PNL00421 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00490

D-17. Panel PNL00490 by Vintage East Liberty, Alice Lanntair, Angelina Sims, Anna Dangerfield, Anna Mae Wright, Annie Parks, Annie Saunders, Ansuyaben Parikh, Beaudell Mobley, Christine Brown, Claire Frazier, Helen Finch, Ida Quinn, Lillie Stevenson, Mickey McLemore, Rosemarie Byers

Panel PNL00383

D-18. Panel PNL00383 by Judy Manion

Panel PNL00064

D-19. Panel PNL00064 by Rhoda Taylor

Panel PNL00642

D-20. Panel PNL00642 by Julia Morley

Panel PNL00638

D-21. Panel PNL00638 by Becca Hotaling, Christine Milcarek

Panel PNL00359

D-22. Panel PNL00359 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00376

D-23. Panel PNL00376 by Jen Damon

Panel PNL00427

D-24. Panel PNL00427 by Anonymous, Jean Thomas, Katie Schreffler

Panel PNL00441

D-25. Panel PNL00441 by Peggy Wolf

Panel PNL00324

D-26. Panel PNL00324 by Nancy Sheleheda

Panel PNL00577

D-27. Panel PNL00577 by Linda Bush

Panel PNL00229

D-28. Panel PNL00229 by Sally Neidig

Panel PNL00591

D-29. Panel PNL00591 by Josephine Labriola

Panel PNL00699

D-30. Panel PNL00699 by Ellen Wellins

Panel PNL00434

D-31. Panel PNL00434 by Veronica's Eastwood Crafters

Panel PNL00563

D-32. Panel PNL00563 by Josie Bruce, Mary Crossley, Norine Thompson, Veronica's Eastwood Crafters

Panel PNL00374

D-33. Panel PNL00374 by Brent Ruka

Panel PNL00118

D-34. Panel PNL00118 by Cigis - Hay, Anonymous

Panel PNL00115

D-35. Panel PNL00115 by Carol Shoaf

Panel PNL00630

D-36. Panel PNL00630 by Lesley Polinko, Anonymous, Danielle Anselmino, Ellie Burke, Hunter Dernoshek

Panel PNL00598

D-37. Panel PNL00598 by Butler Machine Knitters

Panel PNL00504

D-38. Panel PNL00504 by Diana Bryce, Janet Forton, Jennifer Richards, Susan Wuenstel

Panel PNL00546

D-39. Panel PNL00546 by Anne Eden, Anne Kissinger, Anonymous, Gina Villella, Jennifer Shushnar

Panel PNL00440

D-40. Panel PNL00440 by Christa Magness

Panel PNL00156

D-41. Panel PNL00156 by Maureen Roman-Possage

Panel PNL00331

D-42. Panel PNL00331 by Lemington Community Services Senior Center, Anonymous (8), Sadie Fields

Panel PNL00189

D-43. Panel PNL00189 by Mary Helt

Panel PNL00562

D-44. Panel PNL00562 by Joann Matten, Winchester Thurston School Knit Wits, Addie, Aki, Anonymous (3), Carly, Elizabeth, Heather, Jennifer, Jordan, Kayla (2), Mary, Mieke, Molly (2), Monica, Natalie, Sophie, Summer, Tammy Tansey

Panel PNL00342

D-45. Panel PNL00342 by Corpus Christi Prayer Shawl Committee

Panel PNL00554

D-46. Panel PNL00554 by Anonymous (2), Mt Lebanon Middle School, Anonymous (7)

Panel PNL00236

D-47. Panel PNL00236 by Carole Wray

Panel PNL00485

D-48. Panel PNL00485 by Kimberly Foradora

Panel PNL00539

D-49. Panel PNL00539 by Lisa Milo, Lynn Hawker, Veronica's Eastwood Crafters, Erika Richardson, Mary Richardson

Panel PNL00247

D-50. Panel PNL00247 by Three Rivers Crochet

Panel PNL00637

D-51. Panel PNL00637 by Cheryl Butler, Dominique Hensley, Fran Skindzier, Kathy White, Northmont Church Knit Wits & Friendship Group

Panel PNL00444

D-52. Panel PNL00444 by Valerie Moll

Panel PNL00396

D-53. Panel PNL00396 by Anonymous, Beth Nelson

Panel PNL00148

D-54. Panel PNL00148 by Homewood Senior Center's K&C Hookers, Anonymous (7), Janice M. McWhite, Jimmy Elliott, Mae A. Fay

Panel PNL00099

D-55. Panel PNL00099 by Jean Thomas

Panel PNL00125

D-56. Panel PNL00125 by Cigis - Hay, Anonymous

Panel PNL00061

D-57. Panel PNL00061 by Ida Hildebrand

Panel PNL00300

D-58. Panel PNL00300 by Kathy Stanley

Panel PNL00326

D-59. Panel PNL00326 by Gail Galloway

Panel PNL00127

D-60. Panel PNL00127 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00153

D-61. Panel PNL00153 by Anonymous, Beverly Snow, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Heather Messiah, Jane H. Byrnes

Panel PNL00575

D-62. Panel PNL00575 by Poorvi Mathur, Ishanvi Mathur, Nalini Das

Panel PNL00478

D-63. Panel PNL00478 by Donna Bogosto Kearns

Panel PNL00315

D-64. Panel PNL00315 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00452

D-65. Panel PNL00452 by Dianne Brooks

Panel PNL00669

D-66. Panel PNL00669 by Mary Martin

Panel PNL00081

D-67. Panel PNL00081 by Caitlin Kempf

Panel PNL00088

D-68. Panel PNL00088 by Barb Gengler

Panel PNL00414

D-69. Panel PNL00414 by Tishie Woodwell

Panel PNL00377

D-70. Panel PNL00377 by Gina Stagno

Panel PNL00484

D-71. Panel PNL00484 by Mary Bernardi

Panel PNL00364

D-72. Panel PNL00364 by Betsy Millstine, Anonymous

Panel PNL00362

D-73. Panel PNL00362 by Sarah McMullen

Panel PNL00487

D-74. Panel PNL00487 by Vintage East Liberty, Alice Lanntair, Angelina Sims, Anna Dangerfield, Anna Mae Wright, Annie Parks, Annie Saunders, Ansuyaben Parikh, Beaudell Mobley, Christine Brown, Claire Frazier, Helen Finch, Ida Quinn, Lillie Stevenson, Mickey McLemore, Rosemarie Byers

Panel PNL00349

D-75. Panel PNL00349 by Susan Engwer

Panel PNL00188

D-76. Panel PNL00188 by Suzanne Colvin

Panel PNL00407

D-77. Panel PNL00407 by (Al Hoff's mother)

Panel PNL00287

D-78. Panel PNL00287 by Jessie Johnson

Panel PNL00438

D-79. Panel PNL00438 by Annette Werner

Panel PNL00194

D-80. Panel PNL00194 by Diane Adams, Lee Fahrney, Susan Claus

Panel PNL00214

D-81. Panel PNL00214 by Pearl Deaniello

Panel PNL00351

D-82. Panel PNL00351 by Kathleen Scuffle

Panel PNL00363

D-83. Panel PNL00363 by Dierdre Cooper

Panel PNL00275

D-84. Panel PNL00275 by Christine Anderson

Panel PNL00087

D-85. Panel PNL00087 by Johanna Roszner

Panel PNL00382

D-86. Panel PNL00382 by Ellen Rubinsky

Panel PNL00062

D-87. Panel PNL00062 by Rhoda Taylor

Panel PNL00261

D-88. Panel PNL00261 by Joyce Smith

Panel PNL00304

D-89. Panel PNL00304 by Yvonne Yohn

Panel PNL00132

D-90. Panel PNL00132 by Venise's Group Pitt Students

Panel PNL00265

D-91. Panel PNL00265 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00251

D-92. Panel PNL00251 by Lynn Wagner

Panel PNL00313

D-93. Panel PNL00313 by Dawn Andersson

Panel PNL00454

D-94. Panel PNL00454 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00085

D-95. Panel PNL00085 by Veronica Matanin

Panel PNL00355

D-96. Panel PNL00355 by Amy Krause

Panel PNL00209

D-97. Panel PNL00209 by Anonymous (3), Tina Gigliotti

Panel PNL00691

D-98. Panel PNL00691 by Karen Palke

Panel PNL00455

D-99. Panel PNL00455 by Linda Cypher

Panel PNL00257

D-100. Panel PNL00257 by Sarah Jacob

Panel PNL00307

D-101. Panel PNL00307 by Michele Hubert

Panel PNL00432

D-102. Panel PNL00432 by Lisa Favorini

Panel PNL00409

D-103. Panel PNL00409 by Diana Liu

Panel PNL00659

D-104. Panel PNL00659 by Julie Phillips, Karen Vachon-Thaner, Karen Wheeler, Katie Schuitt

Panel PNL00097

D-105. Panel PNL00097 by Aisling Kerr

Panel PNL00405

D-106. Panel PNL00405 by Ruth Kaye

Panel PNL00430

D-107. Panel PNL00430 by Lauren Etling, Michelle Etling

Panel PNL00217

D-108. Panel PNL00217 by Lisa Young

Panel PNL00395

D-109. Panel PNL00395 by Bridget S. Werger

Panel PNL00499

D-110. Panel PNL00499 by TeeA Ong

Panel PNL00602

D-111. Panel PNL00602 by Amanda Grushecky, Kathleen McLaughlin, Pittsburgh East Knitting Guild, Amanda Erhard, Andrea Noble, Candy Straub, Caroline Potersnak, Denise Dalbey, Kathy DryBurgh, Rose Bacco, Rosemary Heininger, Shirley Pochapin

Panel PNL00511

D-112. Panel PNL00511 by Tara Ciaffoni, Allison Haines

Panel PNL00212

D-113. Panel PNL00212 by Paulson Community Center, Anonymous (14)

Panel PNL00318

D-114. Panel PNL00318 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00242

D-115. Panel PNL00242 by Sylvia Griffin, Mildred Wilcox

Panel PNL00098

D-116. Panel PNL00098 by Joyce Smith

Panel PNL00109

D-117. Panel PNL00109 by Three Rivers Crochet

Panel PNL00126

D-118. Panel PNL00126 by Cigis - Hay, Anonymous

Panel PNL00227

D-119. Panel PNL00227 by Judy Yogman

Panel PNL00535

D-120. Panel PNL00535 by Emily Lyons

Panel PNL00262

D-121. Panel PNL00262 by Marisa Pancheri

Panel PNL00289

D-122. Panel PNL00289 by Ann Taymans

Panel PNL00237

D-123. Panel PNL00237 by Maureen Conti

Panel PNL00123

D-124. Panel PNL00123 by Constance Bailey

Panel PNL00664

D-125. Panel PNL00664 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00133

D-126. Panel PNL00133 by Venise's Group Pitt Students

Panel PNL00092

D-127. Panel PNL00092 by Orpah Kurtz

Panel PNL00357

D-128. Panel PNL00357 by Amy Krause

Panel PNL00256

D-129. Panel PNL00256 by Lynn Wagner

Panel PNL00298

D-130. Panel PNL00298 by Northmont Church Knit Wits & Friendship Group

Panel PNL00325

D-131. Panel PNL00325 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00032

D-132. Panel PNL00032 by Donna McCarthy

Panel PNL00108

D-133. Panel PNL00108 by Anonymous

Panel PNL00035

D-134. Panel PNL00035 by Pat Derry, Shirley Dougherty

Panel PNL00138

D-135. Panel PNL00138 by Twolick Social Center Crocheters

Panel PNL00678

D-136. Panel PNL00678 by Anonymous (3), Eleanor Henninger, NaKeya Mosley

Panel PNL00252

D-137. Panel PNL00252 by Carol Shoaf

Panel PNL00394

D-138. Panel PNL00394 by Florence Grossman

Panel PNL00292

D-139. Panel PNL00292 by Kathy Stanley

Panel PNL00428

D-140. Panel PNL00428 by Joann Matten, Sheila Scanlon

Panel PNL00322

D-141. Panel PNL00322 by Becky Coger

Panel PNL00551

D-142. Panel PNL00551 by Children's Museum, Anonymous (127)

Panel PNL00211

D-143. Panel PNL00211 by Mattress Factory Art Lab, Rankin Christian Community Center, Anonymous (19), Carly Poff

Panel PNL00100

D-144. Panel PNL00100 by Jan Myers-Newbury

Panel PNL00027

D-145. Panel PNL00027 by Jane DiMenno, Kathie Nelson, Susan Lescinsky

Panel PNL00266

D-146. Panel PNL00266 by David Blackwood, Rebecca Blackwood

Panel PNL00640

D-147. Panel PNL00640 by Carol Hendrickson

Panel PNL00560

D-148. Panel PNL00560 by Wylandville Ele Sch Gr 3

Panel PNL00042

D-149. Panel PNL00042 by Marisa Pancheri

Choose the bridge side and direction of your next crossing:

Crossing from Downtown to North Side

  1. Clemente (6th Street) Bridge
  2. Warhol (7th Street) Bridge, Down-River Side
  3. Warhol (7th Street) Bridge, Up-River Side
  4. Rachel Carson (9th Street) Bridge

Crossing from North Side to Downtown

  1. Clemente (6th Street) Bridge
  2. Warhol (7th Street) Bridge, Down-River Side
  3. Warhol (7th Street) Bridge, Up-River Side
  4. Rachel Carson (9th Street) Bridge
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