Panel PNL00505

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Panel PNL00505 bridge location:

  • KtB Location ID: U-47 (Inner)
  • oriented to the inside, meaning best viewed from the Warhol bridge pedestrian walkway
  • on the up-river side of the bridge (the side facing 9th street)
  • 47/139 (34%) of the way across the bridge (starting from the Downtown end)
  • closest marker: Streetlight A1-9, which is 1 panels closer to Downtown
  • closest landmark: Below an Andy Warhol hanging banner, which is 5 panels closer to Downtown

Artist's Story:

I do have something to add to my panels, or at least two of them. The yellow and light green design was based on African textiles, the green and orange design came from a turkish sock pattern. The other two were just trials.

Panel Thumbnail Image:

Panel PNL00505
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