Panel PNL00313

Full Panel created by: Dawn Andersson

Panel PNL00313 bridge location:

  • KtB Location ID: D-93 (Inner)
  • oriented to the inside, meaning best viewed from the Warhol bridge pedestrian walkway
  • on the down-river side of the bridge (the side facing 6th street and PNC Park)
  • 93/149 (62%) of the way across the bridge (starting from the Downtown end)
  • closest marker: Streetlight B2-18, which is 3 spaces closer to North Shore
  • closest landmark: Across from north tower, which is 1 panels closer to Downtown

Artist's Story:

Dear Friends,

When our church knitting group first heard about the Knit the Bridge project, we were curious and excited. Our group had been formed several years ago for the purpose of knitting prayer shawls; small lap robes to be given by our Pastors or church members to individuals who were experiencing loss, loneliness, serious health concerns or overwhelming uncertainty and stress in their lives. Having a purpose kept us motivated and in no time we had 30 prayer shawls, hand knit and lovingly packaged with a prayer enclosed. As we completed the shawls, our Pastors blessed them at the altar during our Sunday church services. Having a good supply of shawls on hand, our knitters turned to sharing patterns and ideas and making items for friends and family.

Enter "Knit the Bridge"!!! We were fired up once again. Casting our current projects aside, we embarked on what was to become the most heartwarming and satisfying project to ever be envisioned. Although the blankets for the bridge were twice the size of our prayer shawls, we managed to complete 17 of them. Several of our knitters made an entire blanket themselves, but most were a combination of parts and pieces from many members and friends of our congregation. And of course, once again, it seemed only fitting to bless these blankets at the altar, for they had a purpose far beyond decorating the bridge, which in itself was epic.

Our prayer for the blankets: Heavenly Father, bless the hands that have stitched love and prayers into each and every one of these blankets. We ask that you give courage, strength and healing to those who receive them. May our love wrap them in comfort and our prayers lift them up and may God watch over them all the days of their lives. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

It has been such a privilege for all of us to be a part of this wonderful project. Congratulations to the team for their vision and dogged determination and to the many hundreds of knitters and crocheters, volunteers and public officials who made it all come to fruition. We can all be Pittsburgh Proud!

Dawn Andersson
McCandless Township

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Panel PNL00313
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