Panel PNL00295

Full Panel created by: Cindy Kimmons

Contributing artists:

Panel PNL00295 bridge location:

  • KtB Location ID: U-66 (Outer)
  • oriented to the outside, meaning best viewed from the Rachel Carson (9th Street) Bridge
  • on the up-river side of the bridge (the side facing 9th street)
  • 66/139 (47%) of the way across the bridge (starting from the Downtown end)
  • closest marker: Streetlight A2-11, which is 7 panels closer to Downtown
  • closest landmark: Below an Andy Warhol hanging banner, which is 13 spaces closer to North Shore

Artist's Story:

In the summer of 2012, I retired from teaching and looked forward to spending time at home with my dogs. Midsummer, my best little friend Maggy - a red miniature poodle - was diagnosed with advancing kidney and heart problems. It was unexpected (and terrifying).

She had always loved to sit on my lap in the afternoons while I read, crocheted, or watched TV. I just wanted to freeze the time so that she would be with us for as long as she could be.

When I saw the announcement inviting work for "Knit the Bridge", I picked out some nice yarn in fall shades of brown and Maggy and I started to work on squares that would become our first panel. And then bright and vivid squares to become the next panel.

All I had to do was tell her that it was "time to knit the bridge, Maggy", and she would hop onto my lap and give a satisfied sigh as we got to work. It took us most of the fall, winter, and some nice spring days, but, together, we finished our panels. We had lovely afternoons with Maggy helpfully pawing the yarn, readjusting the growing work for her own napping comfort, and snoring softly as our

panel squares gradually grew larger.

She made it nearly to summer - almost a year after her diagnosis. Long enough to get our panels submitted. But not long enough, of course...

So, maybe you have some idea how happy it made me to see "Maggy's panels" up on the bridge - so lovely to see amid so many other bright and colorful pieces.

"Knit the Bridge" gave Maggy and me a year of joy and anticipation.

Thank you so much.

It has certainly been a pleasure to be part of this big Pittsburgh Project.

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Panel PNL00295
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